Muscle science Protein Series is a line of food supplements consists of a range of products aimed at physical activity and athletes and developed with the latest technology by the multidisciplinary team of professionals of the renowned company.

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The aim of the muscle science PRE WORKOUT Series is to formulate and create the most effective products for athletes of all disciplines in mind. It does not matter whether You are an MMA fighter, bodybuilder, cyclist, basketball or tennis player.

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Gainer Series always seeks to innovate and develop high quality products and technology, so that all people have a better quality of life and health, whether they are sports or not.

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Our brand Muscle Science is not made to be average. And neither you should. Muscle Science is not just for the physical gains, it’s about Innovation, Science, development and creation. We understand supplement science from the lab bench to the gym bench.

We're always doing research to test new formulas and improve the current ones, if possible. We are never satisfied from existing status, so we endure day in and day out to provide revolutionary products out to the great athletes like you.

Established in the INDIA in 2014 but, and offers the best business opportunities to its partner, and the best products to its customers.

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India's Best Protein

Founded on the desire to find new ways of getting the nutrients and proteins required to build natural muscle mass, Muscle Science offers some of the most scientifically proven products on the market.

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Unleash Your Full Potential

Whether you’re a serious strength athlete looking to build a lean, ripped physique, or you’re a bodybuilder looking to build muscular mass and strength...

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Premium Grade Supplements

Whilst it is true, you can buy protein powder supplements for cheaper than our own products, when it comes to bodybuilding and serious strength training, you get the results you pay for.

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